About Us

Victory Wear is a Veteran owned, family operated apparel company. We enjoy focusing on the "brand" of America and what makes her great, we believe that is you.

Over the last few years as I have been teaching courses, I have often been asked about shirts, hats, apparel and SWAG items. I had only dabbled in a few patches and stickers, and had 3 prototype shirts made that never really left the house. I have also been told that I should write down some of my quirky sayings or "get them made into a sticker", or "put my thoughts on a shirt." Most of those requests were followed by, "I would absolutely wear that !"

Our philosophy is pretty simple, Honesty, Loyalty and Humility are three defining principles that we live by, and the golden rule of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

As we move about our daily lives, we see the threads of Patriotism in folks like us. The working class, the blue collar, the Veteran and the First Responders.  We know in our hearts that there are still more true Patriots that believe in momma's Apple Pie, Baseball, the Constitution, and the The Flag...and American made T-shirts that show your pride. (and sometimes what we all think)

We will strive to make our shirts to the highest quality and with the belief that you are spending your hard earned money on a shirt of ours, so we will put attention to detail from manufacturing to the delivery. 

We look forward to offering you apparel that you want to wear, and service that leads you back to us.

Yours in America,
The Victory Wear Family

About Matt Jacques, Owner, Victory First

Matt is a retired Police Officer and former Marine Corps veteran. Matt spent most of his military enlistment within HMX-1, The Presidential Helicopter Squadron. He served within the Military Police MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) and continued in Law Enforcement after his enlistment ended. 



Matt served with two Virginia Law Enforcement agencies and filled several billets. During his tenure, he served assignments as a Basic Academy Recruit Instructor, Field Training Officer, Detective within the Special Problem Unit as an undercover Detective as well as a founding Special Deputy of the U.S. Marshal Capital Area Fugitive Task Force for the Washington D.C. U.S. Marshal’s Office. Matt served several years on a large Northern Virginia Police Department SWAT team as an entry team member and later was selected and served as a Sniper team member.After his retirement, Matt was hired as the Senior Manager of Assault Weapons for FNH USA. He managed the FN SPR Precision Rifle program; FN Belt fed Weapons section and the SOCOM SCAR program. Matt was tasked with the user evaluations and New Equipment Training (NET) for SOCOM and the SCAR family of weapons.
Matt left FNH USA in 2006 and returned to training Law Enforcement, this time for the Federal Government for the US Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security Service Firearms Training Unit.
Matt started Victory First in 2012, and the interest and requests for his services allowed him to leave the Federal Government after 8 years, leaving as the Chief of Operations for the DSS FTU.
Matt has completed and continues to work on the popular “Make Ready” video from Panteao Productions, and has also been featured on the last few seasons of Trigger Time TV. Matt is also a contributing writer for RECOIL web. With his deep and diverse LE background, He is a sought after resource for Concealed and Everyday carry product development and training within the Law Enforcement and firearms Industry. He continues to expand his course curriculum to Law Enforcement, Military and responsible civilians.